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The Qute Smoothing Brush is perfect for when you wear your hair straight to keep it shiny and glossy. From our Remi Cachet range, the Qute Snoothing Brush is a chic design that comes with a Qute brush box, which is also a fully recyclable cardboard bag, this brush is perfect for both hair extensions and natural hair.

With a mixture of humanely sourced and super strength flexible nylon and boar bristles, this allows the brush to flow through the hair to eliminate any tough knots or tangles without damaging the hair.

And that's not all, the bristles are also designed to carry the oils from the top of your hair to the middle lengths and ends. The perfect pairing to the luxurious Qute Wide Styler.


Dual bristle layer of Flexible Nylon and Boar Bristles.

Perfect for Hair Extensions

Qute Smoothing Paddle Brush

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