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The new MOOD Suncare After Sun Body Lotion! With packaging as blue as the sea and an impressive new formula that gives your skin that extra hydration after sunbathing.


The new holiday essential, for tanaholics, sun worshippers and skin care fanatics. To keep your skin hydrated, it is necessary to use hydrating products that nourish & moisturise it. The MOOD Suncare After Sun Body Lotion helps to increase the elasticity in your skin, making your skin appear more youthful and firm, which aids in allowing you to maintain your tan longer.


With the brand new MOOD Suncare After Sun Body Lotion by your side you will always have the perfect hydrating and refreshing after sun emulsion for your body. An essential for after sun exposure.



All skin types, after exposure to sun, wind, chlorine and salt. A perfect moisturizing product also for daily use.


100% Natural Derivative

100% Vegan

Format 200ml


(An ideal companion for Suncare Leave In Spray & Suncare Hair & Body Cleanser)

MOOD SunCare After Sun Body Lotion 200ml

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  • • SHEA BUTTER: forms a long-lasting lipid barrier that reduces water loss, increasing hydration.

    • JOJOBA OIL: oil with highly hydrating properties        

    • HYPERFERMENTED ALOE: the enhancement of aloe through hyperfermentation allows to obtain an enhanced phytocomplex that is