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MOOD Cell Force Shampoo and Anti Hair Loss Treatment is a combination designed to improve fragile or thinning hair. MOOD Cell Force Shampoo promotes keratin systhesis thanks to the inclusion of vitamin PP and açaí extracts provide an antioxidant action. MOOD Cell Force Anti Hair Loss Treatment is designed to increase the quantity of hair in growth phase and counteract loss and thinning.


Product ideal for: 

  • Fragile, weakened or thinning hair



  • Apply MOOD Cell Force Shampoo to damp hair;
  • Massage in gently and then rinse;
  • Repeat if necessary.


  • Apply 8 pumps (about 1.6 ml of product) of MOOD Cell Force Anti Hair Loss Treatment which is equal to about 62 applications; 
  • For hair that is thick, application can be increased to approximately 15 pumps (3ml) as the hair will absorb some of the product. In this case there will be 33 applications per bottle. 


Enriched with: 

  • Vitamin PP: with its antioxidant action, it increases keratin production, stimulates ceramide synthesis, accelerates the differentiation of keratinocytes and improves the dermal-epidermal function;
  • Acai extract: thanks to its concentration of natural antioxidants such as vitamins A, C and E, it improves the health of the hair giving the stalks gloss and strengthening the roots;
  • Panthenol: with its strong moisturising and emollient action, it is specifically indicated for dry scalp as it bestows the right level of moisture. It also provides the hair’s keratin with emollient and conditioning action contributing to avoiding its breaking;
  • Arginine: With moisturizing and conditioning properties. It is indicated for dry and especially sensitive scalp;
  • A derivative of glycosylated larch: Which stimulates stem-cell activity inside the hair follicle;
  • Green tea extract: Which inhibits the release of the inflammation factor linked to hair loss;
  • Zinc: Which increases the incorporation of cysteine into the hair proteins.


Claim: Vegan, dermatologically tested and paraben free.

MOOD Cell Force Shampoo & Anti Hair Loss Treatment

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